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Soldered, Brazed and Discrete Welded Assemblies
In high power switching applications, contact materials and forms are often suited to assembly by brazing or welding. These techniques are also used in the production of assemblies with high bond integrity for other applications in which electrical and thermal conductivity are important. Soldering may be appropriate where high temperature bonding techniques are detrimental to the physical properties of the component materials.

Loxwood provides assemblies in a wide range of forms and sizes to meet specific customer requirements.
Individual consideration of each part ensures that the most appropriate and cost-effective metal joining technique is selected. Various solutions may be provided - from manual techniques for small quantities to automated production on tailor-made, dedicated equipment for high volume demand. Proper cleaning and finishing of parts after assembly is critical to operating performance and long-term reliability. Loxwood selects and specifies the most effective cleaning procedure to remove surface oxides and flux residues. All such procedures are fully documented within the Company's Quality System to ensure all components are treated consistently and reliably.
Tooling Support Facilities
To maintain production quality and output, the contact and presswork activity is supported by an in-house tool maintenance and repair department. This facility is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of essential services from the complete design and manufacture of simple press tools to the full maintenance of complex progression tools. By ensuring that all tooling is maintained to optimum levels the Company can be certain that components are produced to the highest quality standard, consistently, reliably and cost-effectively.