Rivet Contacts
Loxwood specialises in the manufacture of solid and bi-metal headed contacts.

Solid rivets may be manufactured in virtually any size, form or material. Bi-metal contacts provide a more cost-effective solution for many high volume users.

Contact materials include, silver and silver alloys, silver cadmium oxide, silver tin oxide and sliver nickel, gold, platinum, palladium and their alloys.

Technical support is provided to assist in the selection of the most suitable contact material and form. Headed contacts are used in a wide range of applications. The choice of contact material is dependent upon the application and is controlled by the ductility of the alloy. In the case of bi-metal contacts, the choice also depends on the ability to produce a consistent and reliable bond with the copper backing.

For customers wishing to concentrate their resources on switch design and construction, Loxwood manufactures and supplies complete contact assemblies incorporating a solid or bi-metal rivet or welded contacts. Welded contact assemblies may be produced from wire, tape or discrete 'button' contacts.

Since the contact and backing materials are virtually independant of each other the most comprehensive range of material combinations can best be achieved through the riveting process.

Manual or automatic assembly techniques are available depending on quantity and design requirements.

Assemblies may also be produced using customer supplied components.
Contact backings and general presswork are manufactured in a wide range of materials, such as non-ferrous and ferrous including beryllium copper as well as the newer, specialised proprietary alloys used in the elctronics and connector markets. In addition presswork is also undertaken in precious metal and non-metallic materials.